Laura Nest Wallace

About Me

I'm a Brooklyn based digital project manager available to help with your project needs. I'm a graduate of the Thinkful Web Development Bootcamp. I also do content editing, freelance web development and non-IT projects.

Some projects I have recently worked on:

summer camp picture


BococaCampFinder is a web app that helps parents find a summer camp for their child in the BoCoCa Neighborhoods of Brooklyn and surrounding areas. I created BococaCampFinder after talking with fellow mom friends and realizing the lack of a central place to find all the summer camps within their neighborhood.

I designed the website and build it using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Node.js for the server and Mongo for the database.

BococaCampFinder - Repo
cold weather pic

Weather Finder App

This is a weather app I built. You can search by city name or city and country. Each city results page background changes based on the actual current weather happening now in the city you selected.

I developed this project using the OpenWeatherMap API. I designed and built this using HTML, CSS, JQuery and Node.js for the server.

Weather Finder App - Repo
conversation project nyc homepage

Conversation Project NYC

The Conversation Project is a series of interviews with influencers in the contemporary art world that examines connections between art, culture, and technology.

I am the digital project manager. I designed, built and maintain the website and I also do content editing.

Check it out
demo web page

Amazing Shipping

Here is a sample project I worked on for an artist. Amazing is part of a conceptual art project and an ideological startup with headquarters in New York City.

I coordinated the design and developed this website in coordination with the artist.

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